Incorporating livestock agriculture carbon credits into an organization’s climate action plan can drive sustainability and financial returns in several ways:

  1. It can improve access to capital by demonstrating a commitment to sustainability.
  2. It can reduce exposure to climate-related risks.
  3. Improve stakeholder engagement by creating a culture of sustainability, leading to improved brand image and loyalty, customer retention, and employee satisfaction.
  4. It can participate in the growing market for green house gas emissions reductions providing a supplemental source of revenue for the farmers and may qualify for climate mitigating incentives.
  5. Investing in carbon credits to support a livestock farmer, for example to install a biogas plant, can benefit multiple stakeholders. This includes the farmer, the organization buying the carbon credits, the local community, and the environment.

Companies such as Microsoft, Salesforce, Nestle, and Delta Air Lines have successfully incorporated carbon credits into their climate action plans, supporting a green transition for all stakeholders, and driving financial returns by investing in high-quality emissions reduction projects.

Take action now and include the Perfect Farm’s premium carbon credits into your organization’s climate action plan.

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