The Innovative Solution for European Livestock Farmers to Generate Additional Revenue Streams from Biogas Plants

By offering easy access to services for renewable energy production and sustainable investment, the Perfect Farm enables farmers to turn their livestock waste into a valuable resource. With our streamlined approach, farmers unlock new income channels and contribute to a more sustainable future.
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Reducing emissions to meet the 2030 climate agenda

The Perfect Farm platform enables EU/EEA livestock farmers to find the funding, solutions providers and supplemental revenue channels to increase the financial profitability at at farm, while reducing Green House Gas emissions.

For farmers

The Perfect Farm specializes in locating biogas plant providers within your area that will qualify your farm to participate in the carbon market. We gather information about your farm and handle the complete certification process for anaerobic digestion installation


We will certify the reductions from your biogas plant and bring your farm into the voluntary carbon credit market. We take care of the time-demanding stuff, while you will increase the profitability at the farm.


We provide a network of knowledge that makes it easy to find new ways of working. We will provide you with the numbers you need, to figure out if this is profitable before accepting our services.


We will help to scale your farms climate mitigation efforts by providing easy access to the right solutions providers, available funding and investments, and new income streams.

Perfect Farm biogas plant

Earn money while reducing emissions

Get paid for the measured results from the biogas plant, while increasing the efficiency at your farm. We take 15% of the additional income we generate from your farm’s anaerobic digestion.
The Perfect Farm
supports livestock farmers to

  • Find suitable solution providers
  • Certify reductions for carbon credits
  • Learn and innovate while implementing sustainable practices

GHG Reduction Certification
for Profitable
Livestock Farms

Perfect Farm specializes in certifying documented greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions for livestock farms, providing a streamlined process that enhances profitability. Our expertise saves time and effort while ensuring compliance with industry standards. Simplify GHG reduction certification and unlock the revenue potential for your livestock farm.

By leveraging our established methodologies, Perfect Farm simplifies the certification process for documented GHG reductions, allowing livestock farms to profit from the voluntary carbon credit market. Certification opens doors to additional income streams, boosting overall profitability while promoting sustainable practices.

We understand the complexities involved in navigating the certification process for documented GHG reductions. Our team of experts guides livestock farmers through the intricacies, offering comprehensive support to streamline the certification journey and optimize sustainability efforts. With our assistance, your farm can thrive in both profitability and environmental responsibility.

Profitability is a critical consideration for livestock farms. Before committing to GHG reduction certification, Perfect Farm offers an in-depth analysis of potential earnings from carbon credits. Our experts assess market trends and evaluate the specific characteristics of your farm’s documented GHG reductions, providing valuable insights to make informed decisions and maximize profitability opportunities.

Contact Perfect Farm today to streamline the certification of documented GHG reductions for your livestock farm, unlocking its profitability potential while tapping into the voluntary carbon credit market. Simplify certification, maximize profitability, and promote sustainability for your farm.

The Perfect Farm

This site is a pilot version of our platform that we aim to fully launch in the Spring of 2023.

We are currently working on the certification process of a farm in Norway, to provide them with additional revenue from the carbon credit market. 

Contact us today to streamline the certification of your biogas plant and tap into the carbon credit market. Simplify certification and boost your farm’s profitability and sustainability now?

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