ALFA Spain is dedicated to accelerating the implementation of biogas solutions in six EU countries. By providing demand-driven support to livestock farmers and unveiling biogas market dynamics for all stakeholders, ALFA aims to foster the market uptake of biogas production technologies that use manure as biomass. This will increase the production of renewable energy in the EU and reduce emissions from untreated livestock farming waste.

Perfect Farm’s platform aims to support European livestock farmers by streamlining their access to biogas technologies.  We offer a valuable opportunity for EU/EEA livestock farmers seeking to increase profitability while reducing emissions. By specializing in locating biogas plant providers within farmers’ areas that qualify for the carbon market and handling the complete certification process for anaerobic digestion installation, Perfect Farm enables farmers to access new income streams while minimizing the time and effort required.

Hannah Busing, Unsplash

As part of this unique partnership, Perfect Farm and ALFA Spain will co-collaborate in workshops to educate farmers about the financial and technical tools available to facilitate scalable adoption of biogas solutions. We will address common concerns surrounding biogas and highlight its potential benefits. 

Together, we hope to inspire a new generation of European farmers who see livestock waste not as a burden, but as an opportunity. By certifying the emission reductions from biogas plants and bringing farms into the voluntary carbon credit market, we can increase farm profitability and promote the adoption of sustainable practices.

Through our shared efforts, farmers can turn waste into energy, unlock new income streams, and contribute to a sustainable future for European livestock agriculture.