The European Biogas Association has released a background paper emphasizing the role of biogas and biomethane in achieving medium-term greenhouse gas reduction targets and climate-neutrality by 2050.

Here are a few key points from the paper:

  • Biogas and biomethane are renewable energy sources that replace fossil fuels, avoiding emissions related to their use.
  • Biogas is often used in Combined Heat and Power (CHP) units and increasingly upgraded to biomethane, which can be injected into gas grids and used in traditional gas applications.
  • Biogas production from animal manure captures methane that would otherwise be released, reducing emissions related to agriculture.
  • Biogas and biomethane production also produces digestate, a green fertilizer that can replace mineral fertilizers, reducing emissions related to their production and building soil organic carbon.
  • Using intermediate crops in crop rotation can also increase organic inputs to the soil and build soil organic carbon, enabled by anaerobic digestion.
  • During biomethane production, a concentrated CO2 stream is produced which can be reused in power-to-X cycles.
Wolfgang Hasselmann, Unsplash

The World Biogas Association estimates that the biogas and biomethane industries can reduce worldwide GHG emissions by 10-13%. With advanced technologies and increased monitoring, the potential of these industries to contribute to climate-neutrality will likely increase in the future.

The recent passage of California’s Carbon Dioxide Removal Market Development Act, Senate Bill 308, could signal a growing trend towards incentivizing carbon-negative technologies and practices globally. The bill requires the state board to adopt regulations by the end of 2027 that would require certain emitting entities to purchase negative emissions credits equal to a specified amount of their greenhouse gas emissions.

As more regions and countries set ambitious climate goals, there may be an increasing demand for carbon-negative credits that can help achieve those goals, providing an opportunity for the biogas and biomethane industries to expand and innovate.

The Perfect Farm is facilitating the creation of premium carbon credits through the production of biomethane and biogas from animal waste. These credits can be purchased by organizations looking to meet their emission reduction goals in combination with their ongoing mitigation efforts.