We support livestock farmers to find the solutions and new income sources needed to make sustainable practices a reality.

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Reducing emissions to meet
the 2030 climate agenda


The Perfect Farm platform enables livestock farmers in Europe to find the funding, solutions providers and supplemental revenue channels to reduce Green House Gas emissions at their farm. 


We support corporations to scale sustainability goals through carbon market farming credits and green agriculture investment opportunities.


We foster collaboration between relevant Sustainable Agriculture Solutions Providers and livestock farmers in Europe to accelerate widespread adoption.

Scale climate mitigation

We know farming is hard work and that it is demanding to find enough time. Don’t worry, we will help scale your climate mitigation efforts by providing easy access to: 

  • Monitoring and analysis
  • Planning and funding
  • Reporting and verification
  • Carbon certification


Of global greenhouse gas emissions are emitted from the EU


Of the total land in the EU is used for agriculture


Of the total emissions in the EU is from the agriculture sector.


Of the agriculture sector emissions in the EU is related to livestock

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For farmers

Earn money while
reducing emissions


Get paid for the result based capture and sequestering actions taken at your farm. When your project is certified for carbon credits, the new income stream will increase the profitability of your investment.


We support livestock farmers to learn and innovate to reach science based targets. Based on information about your farm, we will suggest what practices you can implement toward GHG emissions reductions.


We will help to scale your livestock farms climate mitigation efforts by providing easy access to the right solutions providers, available funding and investments, and new income streams.

Unlock Profitability with Anaerobic Digesters

Investing in an anaerobic digester can be a game-changer for your farm. Here’s why:   


Convert livestock manure into biogas, a renewable energy source that can power your farm or be sold back to the grid.


Transform waste into wealth by reducing manure disposal costs and generating valuable by-products like organic fertilizers.


By reducing greenhouse gas emissions, you can earn carbon credits to increase the revenue of your farm. 

Financing the investment


We understand that the initial investment can be daunting. That’s where Perfect Farm comes in! By certifying your biogas plant’s carbon reductions in the carbon credit market, we can provide financing of 10-30% of the initial investment over a 10 year period.

The expert team of Perfect Farm will guide you through this complicated process and help you establish this new stream of annual income.   

Making a global impact

As intermediaries, we seek to foster new value chains for the Livestock Agriculture Sector in Europe to enable the sustainable reduction of carbon, nitrogen and methane emissions. The entire food chain are working together to find more sustainable ways for the industry.

The Perfect Farm is currently offering services related to manure handling in biogas facilities. Do you plan to invest in an anaerobic digester at your farm? Then get in touch!

Knowledge Hub

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Access to our platform is a free service for the farmers until a certification process is started. Perfect Farm will charge an administrative fee starting from €3 300 for handling the certification process for one farms biogas facility.  

Our financial model is based on your farms emissions reduction success. Perfect Farm operates with a 15% commissioning fee for the carbon credits created. 

Get started today with our free model and upgrade to Professional when you are ready for our more advanced services.

Get in touch

We target livestock farmers within the Europe that are currently considering or recently invested in a biogas facility for anaerobic digestion. We offer guidance in the transition to emission reductions while increasing revenue streams. 

Get in touch if you are interested in being contacted by our team.

Innovative solution providers

We are a one stop marketplace to find all of the resources needed to make your climate mitigating transition possible. Let us connect you with our verified selection of solutions providers for biogas facilities and more. Please fill out our inquiry form to receive the Perfect Farm recommendations based on your farms unique needs.

For corporations

We provide corporations with the ability to scale their sustainability goals though Green Agriculture investments and voluntary carbon credits.


We support corporations to meet their emission reduction goals through insetting strategies within their supply chains. Invest in your organisations emissions reductions efforts by supporting your local farmers.

Support & Invest

Through insetting, a company partners directly with European livestock farmers and producers in their value chain with the shared objective of advancing sustainability goals together.


By collaborating on solutions, both businesses and suppliers achieve climate benefits while building local economic strength. Insetting is a win-win approach where climate action enhances supply chain relationships.

A dual marketplace

As a dual marketplace, we enable private and public entities to sponsor farmers to adopt beneficial farming practices by matching solutions with the purchasing of agricultural carbon farming credits.

The Perfect Farm platform will provide a clear, concise and transparent connection for investors and the public to support every EU Livestock farmer in this green transition.

Frequently Asked Questions

Any questions? Maybe you will find the answer in our FAQ. If not, please reach out to us and we will answer shortly.

Is it possible to earn money on this?

Yes, we make it possible to make money while reducing the ghg emissions from your farm. The money is earned through carbon certificates and by applying for funding for regenerative farming through our platform.

Is this an actual service?

This is a pilot of the full version that will be launched during Q4 2023. If you would like to use this platform, please get in touch and we will personally handle your request. 

The Perfect Farm

This site is a pilot version of our platform that we aim to fully launch in Q4 2023. 

We are currently working on the certification process of several farms in Norway, to provide them with additional revenue from the carbon credit market.

Please get in touch if there is anything we can do for you.

Any questions, get in touch

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